News 3 July 2022
Author: Courtney W

Olivia Nelson Gifts Us With Silky R&B Sounds On “Friends” & “Strangers”

3 July 2022

Rising UK R&B talent Olivia Nelson has returned with a double-sided single in the form of “Friends / Strangers”.

Although the two tracks both touch on heartbreak and moving on, they differ in tone as Olivia tries to reason with an ex on “Friends” before completely letting go on the empowering “Strangers”.

“Friends” is about wanting to be on good terms with an ex but knowing that it’s not very healthy for either of you,” Olivia said when explaining the tracks. “”Strangers” is more of a goodbye once the dust has settled, and you are completely out of each other’s worlds.

“I didn’t want either song to sound sad as it’s quite a relatable subject so they’re both mid-tempo bops, which I hope people will connect with.”

“Friends / Strangers” marks Olivia’s return to music following her 2021 EP, Diesel, which features the standout track “Oblivion”. Now she’s finally back, she’ll look to continue her upward trajectory.

Be sure to take in “Friends / Strangers” below!