Videos 10 January 2021

Watch Pa Salieu perform “B****” and “Block Boy” for his Fresh 2021 Spotlight Live Session

10 January 2021

With his raw, hard-hitting lyrics about his life, Coventry-hailing artist Pa Salieu has been named as the winner of BBC’s Sound of 2021, a major achievement for the 23-year-old rapper.

Following on from the announcement, the “Betty” rapper has performed among other big acts at 4 Music’s Fresh 2021 Spotlight Live, as he demonstrates exactly why he has been named as the winner of BBC’s Sound of 2021.

Pa Salieu keeps you mesmerized as he delivers his heart-felt but educational lyrics whilst performing one of his hit singles “B****” where he questions his identity in this country.

You can see the emotion and aggression in his performance, which makes him seem wiser beyond his years.

Pa Salieu brings his distinctive flow to the forefront in a more upbeat number whilst performing his popular track “Block Boy” where he lets you into his world as he confidently delivers honest bars about himself and his journey.

Take in Pa Salieu’s impressive performances above and below.