News 27 May 2020
Author: Priya Faith

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Sues Apple For $2.6 billion Over Alleged Security Flaw

Author Priya Faith
27 May 2020

Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto is suing Apple over alleged iPhone vulnerabilities and he’s after a pretty penny.

According to reports from TMZ, the brother of the drug lord has filed a lawsuit for $2.6 billion against the tech giant.

The lawsuit comes after the 73-year-old Colombian claims a security flaw of his iPhone X put his life in danger. Roberto claims when he purchased the device in Spring 2018, an Apple employee reassured him that the iPhone X was the most secure phone on the market.

However, Roberto’s complaint states that he received a threatening letter from a man named Diego. His pen pal claimed to have retrieved Escobar’s addressed by hacking into the FaceTime app. After receiving the letter, Escobar allegedly carried out his own investigation to determine his device had been compromised.

As a result, Roberto has claimed that he’s had to relocate out of fear for his safety, as well as dealing with the emotional toll of the ordeal.

Robert’s lawsuit against Apple comes months after he launched the gold Escobar Fold 1 smartphone.

This is the second time he’s tried to sue a major company after he reportedly filed a $1 billion copyright lawsuit against Netflix after the distribution of Narcos.