News 15 October 2021

PinkPantheress Shares Debut Mixtape ‘to hell with it’

15 October 2021

The elusive rising star PinkPantheress has gifted us with her debut mixtape titled to hell with it.

In the past year PinkPantheress has grown quite the following with her viral TikTok singles and with to hell with it, the 20-year-old looks to build on her success by blessing fans with more of her authentic sound in the form of a project.

Housing ten tracks, the mixtape is infused with PinkPantheress’ DIY garage and D&B influenced sound that has catapulted her to stardom in the past few months. As well as featuring the recently released “Pain”, “Passion”, “Just For Me”, “I Must Apologise” and “Break It Off”, the mixtape also includes five brand-new songs.

With no features, listeners are able to take in the light vocals of PinkPantheress without any interruptions from start to finish.

“This year has been a madness,” the singer-songwriter wrote on Instagram ahead of the mixtape, “from me being in a four by four room not being able to produce and singing on top of chopped up instrumentals to working with some of my favorite people for this lickle collection of songs!

“Big love to @the_mura_masa@oscarscheller@3scphil @kailaferme @jonnybreakwell for helping me put together my first project !! thank you everyone for making this the best and most fun year of my life, i could shed a wee tear.”

Take in to hell with it below and to find out how PinkPantheress rose from obscurity to become a dominant force in the music industry, click here!