News 16 April 2020
Author: Courtney W

A Pop Smoke Documentary Is On The Way

16 April 2020

It was recently announced that we would receive Pop Smoke’s posthumous album in the near future and now, a documentary on the rapper has also been confirmed.

The documentary was confirmed by Pop Smoke’s former manager, Steven Victor, in a recent interview with Complex.

“I’m working really, really hard on this Pop Smoke album,” Victor told the magazine. “And I’m working on a documentary for him, too. And his foundation.”

Prior to his death, Pop Smoke had spoken on the possibility of making a documentary on his life, saying: “I’m gonna put out a movie or a documentary. I’m gonna make that shit about me. Walk ’em through where I used to live, where I used to be at, and why they look at me the way they look.

“I’m gonna show you why they don’t like that—what they don’t like. Let’s see if you have the same feedback that they have. Let’s see if you would want me to be banned and want me to not perform. I doubt you will. All this good music being recorded, and you want to put it on hold? You don’t want people to hear it?”

Pop Smoke’s posthumous album is also in the works with the help of 50 Cent who has taken on the role as executive producer of the project.