News 7 March 2020

A famous rapper has just been cast in the upcoming ‘Power’ spin-off

7 March 2020

Season 6 of Power ended a few weeks ago but fans can look forward to new spin-offs which will arrive soon.

Along with Tommy which will centre around Ghost’s best friend/business partner Tommy Egan and Power Book 2 which will chronicle Ghost’s backstory, Power: Raising Kanan has also been announced.

Power: Raising Kanan is expected to detail the biography of Kanan Stark, the violent antagonist portrayed by Power’s executive producer 50 Cent.

The latest casting for the project is rapper Joey Bada$$ who will portray Unique – “one of the biggest drug kingpins in Queens”.

Joey Bada$$ will join Patina Miller, Mekai Curtis, Omar Epps, Lovie Simone and Quincy Brown.

The show will be set in the 90s and 50 Cent will also serve on this project as executive producer.

The show is expected to reach our screens in 2021.

For more television news, check out our story on the upcoming new season of Top Boy.

Following months of speculation, Netflix and the cast officially announced that Top Boy will return for more episodes following its critically acclaimed streaming debut last year.

Much like Power, Toy Boy also had a rapper serve as executive producer. Instead of New York hailing 50 Cent though, Top Boy received the talented attention of Drake.