News 6 February 2021

Pubs could reopen in April but will not serve alcohol

6 February 2021

Pubs could be allowed to reopen in April but will be unable to serve alcohol.

The plans would allow thousands of hospitality to reopen following months of closure but would forbid alcohol as studies have shown that alcohol reduces the effectiveness of social distancing.

A senior Government source told The Telegraph that no decisions have been made but declined deny the reports.

An insider said, “The discussion that is live now is how early do you go versus how tough are the restrictions.”

This report comes at the same as The Sun reports that pubs will reopen in May without the controversial 10pm curfew.

In their exclusive report, the tabloid said that outdoor venues will be prioritised as they offer the best social distancing measures.

A source told the paper, “Things that were proven to be a hindrance like 10pm drinking up, will go. If pubs are to reopen for good they’ve got to do it properly and can’t be stuck in limbo like last year. Ventilation is key to tackling the virus so expect a major push to drink outside to begin with, especially for larger groups.”

This comes as the Covid-19 vaccine continues to roll out.

As of Thursday the 4th February, 11 million people had received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

With most care homes, the over 80s and the over 70s taken care off, the government have now announced plans to vaccinate all of the over 50s by May.

The government are also optimistic that all adults in the UK will have been offered a first dose coronavirus vaccine by June.

The vaccine is being hailed as our best route out of lockdown and into normality.