News 10 July 2022
Author: Jamal Wilson

Here’s What Went Down At Shenseea’s Sold Out Show At Electric Brixton

10 July 2022
shenseea alpha

Throughout the years dancehall has had a firm grip on the music industry. Dancehall artists from the likes of Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Mavado, Bounty Killer and Buju Banton have gifted the world with their talents. Their musical abilities have not only captivated music fans around the world but has significantly influenced music internationally. All the previously named artists have been able to open the doors throughout the years for new talent to emerge. Shenseea has used this to her advantage and became one of the recent faces for the Jamaican genre. Her talents has contributed to dancehall’s growth and success worldwide. 

Shenseea has managed to build a strong fanbase, which is no surprise. Her confidence, flair, high-spirited energy and superb lyricism has packaged her wonderful discography that has gravitated people to her art of work. Since ShenYeng released her debut hit, “Jiggle Jiggle”, Shenseea has shown effortlessly that she is a tantalising superstar that has much to offer to the music industry.

ShenYeng has collaborated with many big names, which include Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Kanye West, 21 Savage and Megan Thee Stallion. As Shenseea has built a solid name in the music industry, the young talent decided to do a tour around Europe to promote her recently released debut album ALPHA. Shenseea effortlessly sold out the Electric Brixton and gave her fans a show to cherish.

The doors opened at 7:00pm and the crowd started rushing in as they couldn’t wait to see Shenseea. Shenseea was scheduled to start at 9:30pm, but that didn’t stop the fans from catching a vibe beforehand. The crowd had an efficacious aura as they were animated by the DJ’s dancehall mix. Suddenly, 9:30pm came and Shenseea made a dazzling entrance and began performing her first song for the concert “Limited Edition”.

“Limited Edition” established the tone for the rest of night. Her playful, cheerful vibrancy was consistent from start to finish. The crowd was easily drawn in as they frenzied up to religiously sing “Limited Edition”. The next song Shenseea performed was “Trending Gyal”, which describes the approach she took for her concert in Electric Brixton. Shenseea had no supporting acts from any artists. She was the only performer and did well to keep the crowd entertained.

After the show commenced, Shenseea began performing songs from her newly released album ALPHA. She sang with the crowd “Henkel Glue”, featuring Beenie Man, “Can’t Anymore” and “Deserve it”. Hearing Shenseea perform these tunes exhibited ShenYeng as a versatile artist. Shenseea doesn’t rely on one musical style neither genre. She is able to switch from her comfort zone dancehall and turn to R&B, pop and rap. It’s evident Shenseea’s glass ceiling is high and has a lot to accomplish. 

Next Shenseea played her beloved hit single, “Good Comfort”. “Good Comfort” was the highlight performance for the night. “Good Comfort” sparked the crowd with a new level of zest and brought Shenseea closer to her fans. ShenYeng took the opportunity to strengthen her bond with her UK fanbase by inviting 2 women to perform “Good Comfort” with her. Their singing placed a smile on Shenseea’s face as they knew the lyrics of by heart. 

As the fans became comfortable interacting with Shenseea, Shenseea invited 5 more women from the crowd on to the stage to perform a twerk off contest to her song “Hard Drive”. To win the concert, the woman with the loudest cheers from the crowd for her twerking won. Every girl involved competitive nature became profound due to wanting to win the crowd’s approval. Although there was only one winner, all 5 women did well in contributing to the concert’s enjoyable atmosphere.

Moving on to the last part of the concert, Shenseea ended her performance on a high note. The dancehall artist treated her fans to her renowned banger “ShenYeng anthem”. The crowd responded fervently to the classical tune. Shortly, she performed “Rebel” and finished the concert with “Target”, featuring Tyga.

Overall, it’s without a doubt Shenseea brought a legendary performance to Electric Brixton. Shenseea’s song selection was perfect and the crowd did not rest with their dynamic energy. This concert will be one to remember for those who came and watched.

Hopefully, the UK can see more live performances from Shenseea in the future.