News 27 August 2016

Notting Hill Carnival to be watched by snipers?!

27 August 2016

SAS trained sniper teams have been called in for Notting Hill Carnival this year due to fears over possible terrorist attacks, after an ISIS leader encouraged “lone wolf” attackers to target innocent civilians.

The Sunday Times reported that the snipers have been trained to stop vehicles in crowds in particular, by shooting through the cars’ engine blocks with armour-piercing bullets.

Due to the recent terror attacks in other areas of the world London Mayor Sadiq Khan has concerns over the safety of Notting Hill Carnival, so brought in the extra protection to guard the million people that attend the event.

Following the Nice attacks, the Metropolitan Police’s deputy assistant commissioner, Neil Basu, said, “every terrorist incident that happens worldwide we look at to see what the latest tactics and methodology are, and we think about whether that could happen here.”

Fears arose in May, after ISIS chief Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said,

“Know that inside the lands of the belligerent crusaders there is no sanctity of blood and no existence of those so-called innocents. Know that your targeting [of] those who are called ‘civilians’ is more beloved to us and more effective, as it is more harmful and painful and a greater deterrent to them. So go forth!”

After hearing those comments, it’s no surprise that Londoners and their Mayor are afraid of being targeted.

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