News 29 September 2019

New Sony patent reveals plans for voice controlled AI system ‘PlayStation Assist’

29 September 2019

Sony’s PlayStation is set to receive a new voice assistant called PlayStation Assist which will rival Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

According to reports, Sony recently filed a patent for the artificial intelligence system which will not only control the console itself but also offer in-game assistance.

Gamers are expected to be able to ask the assistant for things such as where health packs are, for a map to a certain location and where to find powerups and weapons.

The original patent was filed by Sony back in March but was published a few days ago.

The patent written by Sony reads, “A method for gaming assistance. Information related to a plurality of game plays of players for a gaming application is received over a network at a back-end server. A query is received from a first player playing the gaming application, wherein the query is related to a first gameplay of the first player. A current game context of a first gameplay of a first player is determined from the information. A response to the query and the current game context is generated based on the information related to the plurality of gameplays. The response is delivered back to a device of the first player”.

Sony also added that the assistant will be a “method for gaming assistance” and added, “For example, when a player gets stuck on a part of a gaming application, the player can request help through a query to a back-end game assist server. The query may be of any format, or a combination of formats, including audio, text, video, etc. The game assist server is configured to match the query to modelled responses based on a current game context from which the query was presented”.

If this filed patent comes into fruition, it will revolutionise the player experience and offer an all-important tool of help for those tricky story-mode missions.

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