News 21 October 2022

Julie Adenuga, Chip & Cookie Pryce Reflect On Rap On Episode 8 of ‘Sounds of Black Britain’

21 October 2022
Sounds of black britain

Spotify and Unedited joined forces for a brand-new podcast called Sounds of Black Britain. The podcast is a partnership with social enterprise, The Black Curriculum and hosting the show is Julie Adenuga. 

With new episodes dropping throughout Black History Month, the Sounds Of Black Britain Podcast is a welcome and important new series that shines a light on Black music and its global significance. 

For episode eight titled Sounds of the Black Atlantic Part 2: Rerouting Rap Part 2,  Julie is joined by Chip and Cookie Pryce. 

A historic and inspiring conversation, Julie, Chip and Cookie delve into the origins of rap in New York City, Jamaican sound system culture, toasting and more. 

Next Julie, Cookie and Chip look to more recent times as they talk about rap’s critical success and how it moved over from its across the pond origins to the UK shores. 

Talking about the present, the trio finally offer commentary on rap’s present day cultural significance and success. 

Episode 8 follows earlier releases of the Sounds of Black Britain podcast that shined a light on soul, jazz, funk, pirate radio and more. 

Listen to episode eight and catch up with the rest of the series here.