News 10 July 2021

Grime music restricted in South Korea as part of new Covid-19 lockdown measures

10 July 2021

South Korea has moved to a strict new level of Covid-19 measures and as a result, all music with a BPM of over 120, including grime, has been banned from group exercise classes.

Starting from Monday (12th July) social distancing measures in Seoul and beyond will be raised to their highest possible level under South Korea’s four-tier system.

This comes as cases continue to rise in the region and the infection total has reached beyond 1,000 in the last few days. The measures are expected to last until the 25th of July.

As well as the restriction on grime music and other high BPM genres, private gatherings of more than four people have been banned, people are only allowed to use indoor gyms for a maximum of two hours and treadmill speeds must be kept under 6 kilometres per hour.

Schools will also move to online learning, eating and drinking has been banned at cinemas and concert halls, and weddings and funerals will only allow a maximum of 49 people.

Clubs and bars will close and no parties or events will be allowed to happen indoors.

Businesses must also allow more staff to work from home and employees must have staggered start and finish times to reduce transmission during commutes.

Closer to home, Boris Johnson has committed to lifting more restrictions come the 19th of July.

Nightclubs are expected to reopen, festivals will be allowed to go ahead and sporting venues will be allowed to once again welcome full capacity.

(Image Credit: fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay)