Exclusives Interviews 7 January 2022

GRM Exclusive: Stevo The Madman Talks New Family Series, Fatherhood, Career Highlights & More

7 January 2022
StevoTheMadMan GRM

Building an empire and sharing the successes with your family is a must for anyone, something Stevo The Madman has achieved on a wide scale in his ever-growing career thus far.

The humble Eastender has been able to accomplish a legacy alongside his close ones, going from strength to strength since the early days of his Snapchat stories and loyal Spartan fanbase! He’s now widened his already-huge market, by becoming Stevo The DadMan! – Transitioning to a full camera crew as we get to explore the frantic, everyday life of Stevo and his beloved daughters Leah, Kaci and Erin!

Whilst the entertainment of day-to-day family life brings in an ever-increasing audience, Stevo’s kept versatile with his craft and consistently shows he can break boundaries and create content in abundance, balancing the hectic social media lifestyle with the pressures of maintaining his own Sushi restaurant!

There’s many perks to the job, but being able to put others in great positions, as well as a smile on their face is where Stevo finds his self-fulfilment from. He’s also accomplished a career highlight in buying a house for his family, something he holds close to his heart!

We spoke to Stevo as he reflects on season 3 of his Objekt Film produced Stevo The DadMan series, fatherhood, being successful and much more!

Let’s begin with Series 3 of Stevo The DadMan – Episode 1 sees you teach Leah how to DJ! Being from a music background with your DJ skills, how was it filming this episode?

“That was amazing! I’ve got to the stage of my life, let alone career where I’ve shaped it to do content that makes me happy. That episode was like a dream, your little daughter wants to be a DJ, and you turn your home into a nightclub! She loved it, looking from the outside in, I would be well happy with that as a kid, but the next day it was back to just being Dad!”

Is this something you can see Leah pursuing in the future?

“100% I’ve made her a little deal, if you show me that your practicing your DJ’ing – First hour is a standard, and every hour you practice I’ll pay you a little wage! I’m hoping the incentive helps! Practice makes better, not perfect, but as long as you keep practicing you’ll get better and better. I’m hoping by the time she’s 20, it could be a career if she puts the work in!”

We’ve also seen you go toe-to-toe and wrestle with Sumo Sharran – How was that experience and having to wear the Mawashi?

“Sumo Sharran, she’s amazing! She made it easy but at the same time it was hard because as she said in the video, she’s a 57-year-old woman and I’m a fine young man! She was strong, agile and funny! I think she’s got a career in entertainment, an incredible personality. It was tough, standing up in the ring, next thing I’m getting spun about, it was a mad experience!”

What’s been your craziest and most enjoyable part of filming series 3?

“I think it’s where I get an owl! When I was at school and was younger, the owl came into school for pictures. My mum was not on that, she said to go to the forest if you want a picture with an owl! Because of the content, I now just want to do things I didn’t get to do. We also pranked Leah! There’s literally three seconds of that episode where I’m either getting cancelled or Dads’ will understand! I also teach Leah to drive which was stressful! It’s just me having fun with my girls, filming it and people can relate. When you’ve got a kid, no matter what background you’re from, you can relate!”

How have you found the jump from Snapchat and being accessed via phone, to now shooting Stevo The DadMan with a camera crew? Is it something you needed to adjust to?

“It’s different because I’m used to having my Snapchat from my point of view, so it’s been a challenge turning my point of view to a wider setting. Some things work, some things don’t, as I lead a lot of my jokes with my facials when Emma is talking. It’s been different but I like to problem solve. It’s been well received. It’s good to see what people like and what they don’t. Interaction is key, listen to what your people are saying as they’re taking it in probably more than you!”

At what point in your career did you start to feel recognised and see the impact you’ve made on social media?

“I’ll be honest with you, sometimes it still doesn’t feel like it’s taken off. Not to where my mind sees it! I guess once you start earning some money. To be fair, I don’t ever think I’ve made it or I’m safe. There’s always someone coming up, hungry, fresh! That’s why I’m putting my foot down and still going because you’re never safe in this internet world.

“Not into we start building unions and some security, no one is safe because you can get cancelled tomorrow! It’s about getting your capital from these brands that want to pay the money. Then it’s about investing and not having to sell your soul! How much of yourself are you preparing to give? No one can say 100% were living to our moral standards so it’s about trying to find the balance. As long as you’re doing the things you love, enjoy it and be consistent then you’ll be able to stay in the game.”

We’ve seen your come up from Snapchat, to your ever-growing Spartan fanbase to celebrities reaching out to you – Who did you receive praise from which shocked you the most?

“There’s been loads of wows! Recently, we had Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things posting Erin. Vybz Kartel was posting Erin! That doesn’t get me as gassed no more, but when you tell your Spartans you’re trying to get a deposit for a house, and then you go into your DM’s and your supporters are offering you money to help, that is wow to me! These people will go crazy lengths for me and that is the wow for me.

“When your people are willing to ride for you, that is the wow moments I get from this journey. The purpose that I’m fulfilling in making others happy for a second, a minute. Just like trends, celebs who are trying to stay relevant will always pick up the trends. I’m grateful for it, but I won’t let it gas me because you have to stay in your lane! The internet world is so quick, you can get taken out your lane for one week and stuff can go down the pan. You can never rest!”

What are your top three career highlights for yourself so far?

“The house ends up being a career highlight because I put it out to my people. When you’ve seen the blueprint and I’ve shown everyone, people were invested in that so that could be seen as a career highlight. I’ve had so many wow moments.

“I hosted the Superbowl opening night for BBC Sport, I commentated on a boxing fight for Sky Sports. I went over to Kentucky do to a documentary on KFC! I interviewed Usain Bolt, you know an icon! One standout moment over the whole nine years is being able to help people, and when people have no one, last resort they hit that like and I reply back and literally it saves people. That there is a next level of self-fulfilment. I’ve become very selfish for those moments. You only get those moments by helping selflessly so I’m not mad at me being selfish!”

What’s it like being a Girl-Dad? Did you ever want a boy? How do you build such a special bond with Leah, Kacey and Erin?

“I think every man wants a boy but having three girls changes you. Women, they’re peak! But they’re also beautiful, intelligent and the way they problem solve and get things done is interesting. I love being the only man in the house, I get looked after, It’s all good. Leah’s doing beauty now, it’s fun times in my house. It’s also stressful! I know what boys are like. I see the prowlers in the comments!”

Do you want your daughters to pursue your career direction or is the sky the limit for them?

“The Sky’s the limit. I can only guide you, and in guiding them I would steer them away from the internet. Leah goes to college, work, does the filming with me. She’s putting in the work, showing work ethic! As much I’ll pay for everything for my kids, I also let them know if you want to maintain these kinds of things, you’re going to have to go out and work and you got expensive taste!

“I’ve been teaching them about tax, VAT and mortgage. I believe my girls are in a good space to succeed. I’m trying my hardest to set the foundations. I’m at a stage where the first five years was pure hard work and consistency, and that’s what you got to do. Now it’s about working out what lane is it? Is it the podcast? Is it the show? Are you going to do more writing? Is it still music because I used to DJ?”

We’ve seen you support your local East end team West Ham – How does it feel to be a Hammer at this current time?

“Amazing! It feels good. I feel we have a chance against any team now. If we set up right and we listen to our manager, the worlds our oyster! I’m not sure I how much I want to get into the Champions League this season, because then going to have to spend loads. We’re progressing but I don’t want to see us paying players £300,000 and then we’re paying that for the next 10 years. But I’m a happy, happy Hammer!”

What would you consider an achievement for West Ham by the end of the season?

“A League Cup or FA Cup! We’ve knocked out United and City, two of the great teams so anything’s possible.”

What advice would you give to young people trying to be successful and break doors into the entertainment industry? 

“This social media world is unforgiving. My advice would be is this really what you want? If it is what you want, do your research on the field you want to get into. Whether it’s vlogging, sketches, podcasts etc. Make sure you know what side you want to be in, get your plan and then attack. Be consistent, and most importantly be a nice person! When your super-hot, be your most humble, but at the same time believe in your juice! Whatever it is you love in real life, get a camera and talk about it. The passion you show in that, people watching will be able to relate. The energies will match! Listen to your audience. Stay focused!”

Musicians get writers block, do you sometimes have difficulties with creating content or is it a spontaneous thing for yourself? 

“I’ve got so many ideas, that when I fart, little scripts come out! I’m lucky I’m a deep thinker. My problem has become my greatest asset. I took a conscious decision when everybody was doing relatable moments in sketches, I took the conscious decision to find a sketch in my own life. I would see a moment and build a sketch around the moment. As my content is in real time, I could see a post, someone would comment that’s funny and it becomes my next joke. Interacting with the people has helped me last years.

“I was listening and taking in what they were saying. I don’t get writers block because my content is not written, it’s day-by-day. I have so many ideas, they’re not all great and they won’t all bang but they’re there. I used to do 40-minute snap stories and I used to get 3-4 minutes of content which you can then shift onto another platform. Maybe two of those videos will go viral! I could probably not post for two years and still have two years of content! I’m like Chip, I can’t run out of bars!”

Who are your current three go-to-artists to listen to? 

“Wow. Brent Faiyaz, I think he could sing the alphabet and I could like it. I’m loving the resurrection of Jazmine Sullivan, she’s been doing her thing. I love M1llionz latest mixtape. Unknown T, the pockets that them man see. As far as the scene, the world is actually giving them real credit for the talent it takes to fit in these pockets that Drill gives you. I was talking to Chase & Status about Drill, it made me know that what they’re saying, in the time that Drill production gives you, it’s a ridiculous art form. I’m hoping they can take Drill into another space! Music is in a healthy space right now.”

What does the future have in store for Stevo The Madman? 

“There’s more Stevo the DadMan! More of the same for me. More investing, I’ve got the podcast, more writing. I’m going to keep enjoying the moments that are provided to me and my family. I’m also doing a project with African and Caribbean Leukaemia trust. That’s a charity that’s helped me and my family from back when my brother passed away. We’ve helped each other. I made a conscious decision at the start of the year, what can I do that’s not for money? Straight away I contacted them and I want to do more. I’ve also gave blood to the Anthony Nolan trust and got some of my friends to raise awareness. I used to be shy and nervous, but now I’m speaking to the kids. I can now do those talks with my chest!”

2021 was a great year for Stevo The Madman! Be sure to lookout for season 3 of his popular family series, as well as his trusted charity the African and Caribbean Leukaemia trust.