News 30 January 2021

Subway sued for £3.5 million for allegedly serving tuna sandwiches that didn’t contain any tuna

30 January 2021

Fast-food giant Subway is being sued for allegedly selling tuna sandwiches that didn’t contain any tuna.

The two women from the US have filed a lawsuit against the brand after buying tuna melts from one of their branches that they claim were not up to scratch.

Concerned that their sandwiches did not seem as advertised, the women claim to have put their sandwiches and several other samples through independent testing which reportedly proved that “the filling in the products has no scintilla of tuna at all.”

The lawyer for the two women said, “Consumers are consistently misled into purchasing the products for the commonly known and/or advertised benefits and characteristics of tuna when in fact no such benefits could be had, given that the products are in fact devoid of tuna.”

“We found that the ingredients were not tuna and not fish” said the lawyer who added that the filling is instead, “a mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute tuna, yet have been blended together by defendants to imitate the appearance of tuna.” 

The women are suing Subway for several violations including intentional misrepresentation and fraud.

In response, Subway said through a representative, “Tuna is one of our most popular sandwiches. Our restaurants receive pure tuna, mix it with mayonnaise and serve on a freshly made sandwich to our guests.”

“These baseless accusations threaten to damage our franchisees, small business owners who work tirelessly to uphold the high standards that Subway sets for all of its products, including its tuna.”

“There is no basis in law or fact for the plaintiffs’ claims, which are frivolous and are being pursued without adequate investigation.”

Subway previously made headlines for unveiling their vegan Meatless Meatball Marinara at the beginning of 2020.