Videos 4 November 2021
Author: Courtney W

Tamera Announces Debut EP With Breezy Offering “Good Love” Featuring Tay Iwar

4 November 2021

Rising R&B songstress Tamera has not only given us a new single but has also provided us with news of her upcoming debut EP!

Titled “Good Love”, this track sees the Kent-raised artist exchange vocals with Tay Iwar on a silky P2J production – resulting in a perfect offering for cuffing season.

The song is taken from Tamera’s first ever EP, Afrodite, which has just received a November 18th release date and will house her previous drops “Wickedest” and “Strong For Me”.

“Afrodite stems from the word “Aphrodite” who is the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and passion in Greek mythology,” Tamera explains. “It’s such a fitting title as my project was born from passion, love and female/goddess energy it’s also a subtle nod to my Greek heritage.

“I used the spelling “Afrodite” instead of the original spelling because I’m also an African woman and predominant sonics of the project are heavily influenced by African culture.”

Make sure you take in “Good Love” while we wait for Afrodite to drop later this month!