Music Videos News 28 March 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

The 5 best music videos of the week [012] #GRMVOTW

28 March 2016

Welcome back to our definitive guide to the best music videos of the week, your only must-visit destination for the best visuals in the scene. This week, we had a whole bunch of sick videos to choose from and we’ve landed a very strong 5 as a result. Pree 5 of the most creatively directed music videos below, brought to you by our guy Griff.


AJ Tracey – “Bare Girls” (ft. Jammz)

Releasing another visual from his very hot Alex Moran EP,  AJ Tracey teams up with Jammz to prove why the tandem are two of the greatest young grime MC’s out. The video is stylised like an old VHS tape, adding to the old school authenticity the tune presents. Directed by Hugh Mulhern on tour in Dublin, AJ and Jammz take a few peng tings from the show around town, in a video that lives up to the standard set by the song itself.


Bonkaz – “And Dat” (ft. Stormzy)

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing and dat. Two South London kings, Bonkaz and Stormzy, channel the emotion for this new video, from the former’s ‘Mixtape Of The Year‘ track and dat. Packed full of quotables and dat from two of the most notorious MC’s about right now, this is a collaboration that is bound to continue to create waves and dat. The track embodies where the scene is at as a whole right now and it’s great to see the music doing the talking. And dat.


WSTRN – “Come Down”

We’ve taken it to the streets and now we’re taking it to the house parties. WSTRN boys Haile, Akelle and Louis put their major label budget to the best use possible, by throwing one of the parties of the year, inviting some familiar faces to attend; Krept, Konan, Tinie Tempah, Example, Manga and more all make a cheeky appearance at the shoobz. We’d say this is yet another super hit in the making from the trio, but frankly, we’re still pissed we weren’t invited.


TE dness x SRNO – “One Time”

Director Chas Appeti brings some very cold visuals to a brand new cross-country collaboration. West London’s TE dness links up with Amsterdam (by way of London) producer SRNO, who’s responsible for 2 2 bangers recently. The track is pure greeze, as T floats over the banging instrumental, letting the bars fly from inside the trap house, making for one of our best music videos of the week.


Swiss & Asher D (So Solid Crew) – “Finish Him”

There’s been something in the air in 2016, with legends returning to the scene they played a huge part in helping create and empower. So Solid Crew have been quietly uniting every now and again, appearing on a couple newcomer’s tunes, as well as releasing some new music of their own. Swiss and Asher D, two of the most famous sons from the Crew, have done the latter, releasing a wacky and aggressive ‘Mortal Kombat’-inspired video for the equally aggy tune “Finish Him”.

Words: Alex Griffin