News 18 July 2020

‘Top Boy’ creator Ronan Bennett reveals his vision for season 4

18 July 2020

During a BAFTA session which explored the making of Top Boy and how it was cast, writer and creator of the series Ronan Bennett talked about some of the character development we can expect to see when season four of the series premieres on Netflix later in the year.

Ronan talked about Sully (played by Kane “Kano” Robinson”) and what we can expect from him when he returns to our screens.

Ronan confirmed that season four will see Sully battle with post-traumatic stress disorder following the events of season three which includes the death of his friend Jase.

Ronan said, “I remember being at the keyboard, working through after the fire in which Sully barely escapes with his life and his friend gets killed and I was kind of typing away and I put my hand to my face in the way that we’re told not to in these COVID times and I remember smelling charcoal on my fingers and thinking about that and just going with that idea that what if that is a sign for him [of the fire] and it’s in his head – this smell and Dushane says to him, ‘If you can smell it when you sleep, it’s not real.’

He added, “It may not be real to Dushane but it’s very real to Sully and I think that helped us just get beyond the idea of somebody who in season one and two was quick tempered and quick to use his fists.”

Speaking at the same session, Jasmin Jobson (Jaq) talked about her infamous audition for the series which involved her throwing a chair.

Jasmin said, “I remember Des (Hamilton) told me, in this scene my character was supposed to be absolutely nuts and I was like “are you sure though?” I was like if I go that far will I ruin everything? Des was like “Jas, go absolutely nuts” so I picked up a chair and dashed a chair clean across the room and just missed the window.”

It was also announced yesterday that Des Hamilton took home a BAFTA Television Craft Award for his work on the series as Casting Director.