News 16 January 2022
Author: Andra

Uche Shares Audio For Catchy New Single “Diva”

16 January 2022

North London hailing artist Uche has blessed us with his new single “Diva”.

The song is a mixture of elements from different genres, resulting in an upbeat, R&B infused melodic rap sound which can only be described as the Uche sound as it couldn’t fit just one box genre-wise. 

Uche’s warm, clear voice compliments the beat perfectly, especially as he hits the high notes on the chorus, and the lyrics and melody make the song hard not to have on repeat.

The mastermind behind the beat is Joe Gosling, who has also produced for the likes of charting artists such as KSI, being one of the producers on his number one album All Over the Place.

Uche came to people’s attention during the first lockdown when he started performing on the Instagram lives of Wes Nelson, Steel Banglez, Junior Andre, Jake Quickenden and Ms Banks. 

Since then Uche has been on the rise and he has been performing live across the UK. Uche has also been constantly releasing music. His latest release, “Diva”, is available below.