News 18 May 2019
Author: Nic Coaker

Video game addiction could be considered an official disease

Author Nic Coaker
18 May 2019

Video game addiction could be made an official disease by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as game developers raise concerns about the disorder. 

The behavioural disorder has been suggested by some medics as an addiction characterised by excessive or compulsive use of the computer or video games to the point that it affects an individual’s daily life. 

Last June, the World Health Organisation included gaming disorder within their 11th revision of the international classification of diseases, but it was not yet made an official disease. Next week, the organisation will vote on whether to make it an official disease. 

According to research from the UKIE, the UK is the 6th largest video game market in 2018 in terms of consumer revenues, with approximately 37 million people in the UK playing them. 

WHO has said that only a small number of people are actually affected by gaming disorder to the degree that it would be considered a disease. However, the consequences can be very serious for those suffering including an increase in mental health disorders. 

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