News 17 March 2016
Author: Sam

Wiley to drop new album ‘Godfather’ in September

Author Sam
17 March 2016


Wiley’s infamous work rate shows no sign of letting up. In a string of tweets shortly after 6am this morning, the East London pioneer revealed he will be releasing his next album, ‘Godfather’, on September 2nd.

He described it simply as a ’16 track Bonanza’ and said he would be dropping three singles before the release. He gave no clue on the style of the album, but the title would suggest it will be made up of grime bangers like “On A Level” rather than his more pop-sounding releases like “Heatwave”. After all, Grime is what he is the ‘Godfather’ of!

This is the second high-profile album announcement in two days. Yesterday, Skepta was quoted as saying his much-anticipated project ‘Konnichiwa’ will be finished this week, meaning 2016 promises much to look forward to album-wise. Wiley encouraged his WH Smith donnies to mark the release date by putting it in their calendar or planner.

Wiley also stated he has “good features and producers on this album too. Ones that make total sense”, which sounds encouraging. Less encouraging is the health of Wiley’s engineer. “Let me see if my engineer has recovered from food poisoning”, he added.

Fans responded with excitement, tweeting “love datt” and “this album is going to be so wavey”. Fingers crossed.