Exclusives 29 September 2021
Author: Daniel McNab

GRM Exclusive: 11 Essential Potter Payper Tracks

29 September 2021

Ever since Potter Payper’s recent release after a three year stint in prison; he has shown an exceptional work rate and a real hunger for success in music. Within weeks of his release, Potter provided fans with the four track 2020 Vision EP to critical acclaim and on the final track announced the third instalment of the revered Training Day Series.

Since releasing the hugely successful Training Day 3 (which picked up the Rated Award for Mixtape of the Year), Potter has gone from strength to strength, and is finally becoming the artist we all believed he was destined to become.

The Barking hailing rapper is blessing us with a new feature heavy mixtape entitled Thanks for Waiting, while we wait, we thought this would be a great time to revisit a selection of some of Potter Payper’s most essential tunes. Take in the list below, and let us know your favourites on the socials!

“BlackBox Freestyle”

Potter Payper first came to the attention of many through the media platform BlackBox, similarly to rappers such as Dave and Abra Cadabra. The freestyle, which has now received over two million views, caught the attention of many with his hard-hitting delivery and authentic depiction of the road life. The freestyle sees the Essex rapper rap over two differing instrumentals; showing his versatility as a rapper.

“Too Much Years”

The first Training Day mixtape was released in 2013, and this project saw Potter Payper speak sincerely about the ups and downs of the road life; resonating with many rap fans across the country. “Too Much Years” served as the lead track, and still remains as one of potter’s stand out tracks.

“City of Angels Ft. Mover”

It is well known that Potter has unfortunately had numerous occasions where he has ended up behind bars, and his frequently collaborator, Mover, is currently serving a lengthy sentence behind bars. Mover has been the single collaborator on all the Training Day mixtapes and this track shows the chemistry of the two rappers and it’s a shame that the two have been unable to make more music.

“Purple Rain”

Looking back at the first Training Day mixtape, “Purple Rain” provided a very personal insight into Potter Payper’s upbringing as well as the difficulties he is currently facing. The frank lyricism connected with many of his fans and is many people’s favourite in Potter’s wide catalogue.


Since his return to music this is undoubtedly Potter’s biggest tune. The track features a sample from “The Ride” which featured on Drake’s iconic Take Care album. The anthemic track sees Potter at his absolute barring best, featuring one of the coldest opening lines: “Hopped out the gate to a Bentley, got me feeling like AJ at Wembley”. The track was actually part of AJ’s ring walk for his title defence against Pulev.

My Generation

The original Training Day had a massive impact on the underground UK rap scene, and it was important that the sequel met the high standards met by the first project. Training Day 2 did not disappoint and “My Generation” followed Potter’s brand of brutally honest, street rap.


Training Day 2 has many highlights but “Hard” serves as a particular standout with a strong instrumental and quotable hook. The song is another great example of Potter being able to paint a vivid picture of the life of a trapper.

“Behind Barz”

Potter Payper is well known for his freestyles on a range of different platforms, but his Behind Barz on Link Up TV was easily one of his best. The session sees him flow passionately over the J Cole “Let Nas Down” instrumental as he paints a grizzly tale of living the life he lives.


Something that sets Potter Payper apart from many of his peers is his ability to look at the road life introspectively and break down its’ harsh realities. “TBH” is a very deep track and the visuals see Potter in a therapy session; discussing his upbringing and the contribution it made to him becoming the person he is.

“Daily duppy (Part Two)”

In total, Potter has provided GRM Daily with three Daily Duppies, with the second arguably the most memorable of the three. In the freestyle, Potter declares his focus on getting money and making up for the time he has missed; making for a captivating freestyle.

“Slumdog Millionaire”

As previously mentioned, Potter’s work rate since his release has been immense and the announcement of Training Day 3 had fans itching for it to drop. “Slumdog Millionaire” was an album cut that really resonated with fans, resulting in Potter shooting these hard visuals for the track.

Be sure to check out our interview with Potter Payper right here, and keep it locked on GRM Daily for all the latest news.