Exclusives 23 July 2021
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 7 Hardest Avelino Hidden Gems

23 July 2021
Avelino Hidden Gems

There is an art to writing great lyrics. Much like the brush strokes of some the great painters of our time, beauty can be found in all the different styles our wordsmiths choose to embrace. Whether it’s the abstract non sequiturs found in J Hus’ lyricism, or the acute reportage of a life lived on the fringes of society in Potter’s vignettes; there’s a certain beauty in it all. Avelino is another one of the greats of our time, adding his vivid anecdotes to this hallowed lyrical exhibition. What sets AV apart from his contemporaries is his ability to thread his stories together with sharp metaphors, and his clever manipulation of semantics. Rather than take you from A straight to B, you’re likely to take several literary detours when listening to an Avelino track, and this is precisely where the beauty and the brilliance lies. 

AV has been releasing music as far back as 2013, first bursting onto the scene with his tape Underdog Music. Since then, Avelino has released a slew of projects, probably most famously his joint tape (Young Fire, Old Flame) with fellow Tottenham legend Wretch 32. AV’s greatness lies not only in his lyrical prowess however, he’s a man capable of plausibly bringing melodies to the tracks his finds himself on, a far cry from some of the contrived efforts from many of his peers. With his next project Ego Kills upon us, we thought now would be a great time to take you down an Avelino rabbit hole, and reveal a selection of seven of his hidden gems. Take in the list below, and let us know what are your favourite Avelino deep cuts. 

“No Comment” Feat Bonkaz & Stormzy

Although the video has racked up over 136k views on Youtube, which might make it seem like a stretch to claim it as hidden gem, it cannot be found on any streaming services. That is striking not just because of the line up, but this track was actually the lead single for AV’s second mixtape Iconic Ambition. At the time, the three artists were heralded as heirs to the throne, Stormzy as of course gone on to claim that as his own, while Bonkaz has sadly retired from music and AV’s genius remains somewhat under appreciated. 

“Shine” Feat Bonkaz

During Avelino’s formative years, Bonakz was a frequent lyrical sparring partner. Hearing the pair go back to back is one of the most exhilarating listening experiences, trying to catch all the punches is an extreme sport! 


A Bonus track taken from AV’s second tape Iconic Ambition. Avelino shows that he’s capable of more than just barring down the track with the multi-syllabics, his baritone vocals are perfect for melodies; which is precisely what he showcases on this tune. 

“Welcome to the New Gen” Feat Bonkaz

AV joins forces with South London powerhouse Bonkaz on the opening track of the 2017 New Gen album. Like the name suggests the album celebrated the next generation of artists due to breakthrough. Boasting a track list featuring the likes of AJ Tracey, Stefflon Don, Abra Cadabra and Yxng Bane. Bonkaz goes absolutely crazy on this one, and arguably has the better verse, who do you think took this one? 

“No More Parties in DSTRKT” Feat Wretch 32

The Avelino and Wretch combination is one of the deadliest in the scene. The Young Fire, Old Flame run is arguably the best in AV’s career. Hearing the pair on a track together is like watching Morpheus and Neo sparring in the virtual dojo, although Morpheus ultimately comes out on top, Wretch and Avelino are genuinely neck and neck on this one. The title of the track was inspired by the former London nightclub Dstrkt, which sparked controversy after it was revealed that they had a door policy which refused entry to dark skinned women. 

“Peace of Mind” Feat Avelino

Tucked away on the Jay Prince Late Summers album “Peace of Mind” finds AV in fine form. Regardless of the tempo or the content Avelino has absolutely no problem in adapting and taking over any track that he’s featured on. 

“Sorry not sorry”

Avelino takes on the Bryson Tiller classic “Sorry not sorry” and completely makes it his own. The legendary Timberland produced the anthemic instrumental and AV sounds so at home on it. 

Be sure to stream/buy Avelino’s new album Ego Kills below right now!