Exclusives 17 September 2021
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 9 Essential Tion Wayne Tunes

17 September 2021
Tion Essentials GRM

Tion Wayne has had one of the most incredible runs over the last seven years. He has often been overlooked, and at times critics have called him a “feature artist”, but it’s clear what a fallacy this actually is if we look at the facts.

Aside from securing the first drill number one record in the country with Russ, Tion had built a remarkable back catalogue years before the record breaking feat. With his debut album Green With Envy finally upon us, we thought now would be the perfect time to look back some of his most essential tunes! Let us know which ones are your favourites on the socials!

“Cant Go Broke” Feat Afro B

Tion called in Afro B for this iconic track which dropped back in 2015. In Tion’s recent documentary, Hardy Caprio reminded us all just what an impactful song this was! Although it has to date only amassed 2.6 million views, UK music was in a very different place six years ago compared to how far we’ve come now.

“Me Or The Lifestyle”

Tion Wayne has never been afraid to make a tune for the ladies, and it’s been a welcome addition to his repertoire. “Me Or The Lifestyle” is one of the standout cuts from his second mixtape Wayne’s Word 2 which was released in 2016, and was another strong addition to his collection of great singles.

“Edmonton” Feat Kortion

Tion Wayne comes through with a real rap banger, proving that he’s certainly got more than just summer bangers in the locker. This came out way back in 2010, which shows just how long Tion has been grafting to get to where he’s at today.

“F U”

Tion has always had the ability to write a catchy hook, we’ve seen the latest iterations of this in the form of “I Dunno”, “Wid It” and “Wow”, but before this there was “F U”. Another one Tion’s well written earworms!


After a brief period of incarceration, Tion hit the ground running upon his release with this banger. “Home” saw Tion sporting a trim all of us can now relate to after having spent considerable amount of time in lockdown. The comments are filled with jubilant fans happy to have Tion back in time to bless us with a summer banger.

“London” Feat M24

A North and South London link up for the ages. The deadly combination of M24’s adlibs and Tion’s gave the track untold viral potential. When the tune dropped last year, it was literally inescapable and found its way into all of our heads.

“Keisha & Becky (Remix)” Feat Russ Millions, Aitch, JAY1, Sav’O & Swarmz

The “Keisha & Becky Remix” quickly exploded and became one of the most viewed videos on the GRM Youtube channel. Russ Millions’ catchy hook and distinctive drawl made the tune an instant hit, and people all over the country were quoting the hook (whether they liked the song or not!). Tion’s hard verse, and most notably his adlibs were also proving to be a fan favourite.

“I Dunno” Feat Dutchavelli x Stormzy

Arguably the biggest song to drop in 2020. The trio all traded super hard verses over the AoD and Elements production. The track would go on to win the Rated Award for song of the year in 2020, with his win this year for “Body” being the second time in a row he’s picked up the award!

“Body 2” Feat Russ Millions Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

Easily the biggest tune of 2021. Russ Millions proved no one writes a catchier hook than he does after repeating the success of “Keisha & Becky” on this absolute smash. With there being some stylistic similarities between the two songs, naturally it sparked debate over which was harder, and who had the better verse, Arrdee or Aitch?

Aside from the content of the track, the video became equally legendary because of the way Directors Wowa and Kaylum Dennis utilised transitions. Cleverly designed to captivate and encourage copycat attempts on TikTok, the video editing is arguably what took the song to the astronomical heights that it reached. As well as becoming the first drill number one in the country, the song of course picked up both Best Track and Best video gongs at this years Rated Awards.