Exclusives 19 March 2022
Author: Aaron Adade

GRM Exclusive: 9 Cheekiest ArrDee Bars

19 March 2022

Having exploded onto the scene last year. ArrDee has been one of the most popular names amongst UK rap fans. He’s delivered cold freestyles, features and has now just dropped his highly anticipated debut mixtape Pier Pressure.

He’s known for keeping it real while also having some of the cheekiest bars in the game. So let’s take a dip into his catalogue and find 9 of ArrDee’s cheekiest bars to date.

ArrDee – “Come & Go

“The first girl that I had still f*cks with my mind, but the girl is a hoe, but now I’m trash so what do you know? I cum and I go, literally.”

After pointing out that he hasn’t completely gotten over his first girl even though she belonged to the streets. ArrDee acknowledges that he’s no better than her now and plays on the “Come & Go” with great effect.

ArrDee Ft Aitch – “War

“I’d go bake off back at Muli’s yard, schemin’ how we’d get our mulas up. Stupidness for a few quid more. Thank God every day that music bussed, think I ain’t ready? You stupid c*nt”

ArrDee reflects on how times were before he blew up and how he was doing silly things for a small amount of money. Because of his struggles back then, he truly appreciates the position he’s in now. He thinks it’s absurd for people to not understand that he’d much rather deal with problems that come with success than ones that come with failure.

ArrDee – “6am In Brighton

“I feel like Kevin and Perry, got gal in my DMs screaming, “Shag me”. And I can’t be rude and air ‘em, I’m a social boy, not anti. Not your average rapper thinking he’s the dog’s bollocks. I love you a lot and I’m chatty.”

While referencing the cult classic Kevin & Perry Go Large, where two teenagers’ mission is to lose their virginity. ArrDee uses this to brag about women trying to get with him. Because he’s such a people’s person, unlike some rappers, ArrDee might hit you back on some mischievous behaviour.

ArrDee – “Oliver Twist

“Biggz just told me he’s worrying ‘bout my health. Cause I’ve had four pints and three shots of rum and it’s half-past twelve In the afternoon, not the morning. Told him it’s evening time somewhere else in the world.”

Those day time drinkers amongst us will be well aware of this age old excuse for over indulgence. Here, ArrDee embeds it into his playful lyricism to great effect.

ArrDee – “Flowers

“I don’t give girls flowers, I’ll give you good wood though. If you want me all for yourself, then, darling, you probably should go.”

ArrDee makes it clear that he isn’t a sweet boy. So if you can’t get with his playboy lifestyle, then you should save yourself from the inevitable heartbreak and leave right now.

ArrDee X Fumez The Engineer – “Plugged In

“You would think that after all of this buzz, young little ArrDee would pattern up. Sh*t, I must be dumb, got bagged right after I blew in a dinger I rag about. I can’t blow no chase when I’m off my face, in case of the food he was wrapping up. I was smiling tryna play cheeky chappy, but the jake knew I was blagging ah”.

ArrDee looks back on some stupid things he did even after he blew up. He raps about getting caught in a sticky situation and trying to charm his way out of it with a bit of the old ArrDee charisma.

Digga D Ft ArrDee – “Wasted

“White boy wasted crew and we roll in cars, wreckin’ ‘em like they’re stolen. Barbies, bleach blonde, Phil Foden, Makin’ ‘em scream that it’s comin’ home and that. I told Digga to roll with that, Cause I’m so f*ckin’ off my nut, I might just lack, I don’t shoot no wap.”

ArrDee’s over the limit again on the the aptly titled “Wasted”. This time joined by West London’s finest Digga D, and ArrDee as usual is in fine form when it comes to delivering his quips.

ArrDee Daily Duppy

“I laugh when I see that they’re talkin’. As long as they’re talkin’, I’m happy and blessed. Yes. This ain’t checkers it’s chess, I can’t settle and rest, I rap better when vexed. So keep p*ssing me off and let’s check how it gets.”

With success in the rap game, haters will inevitably come about. ArrDee surprisingly welcomes the haters because they motivate him to keep pushing and do even better. So he lets them know that they can keep on hating. Because in a weird way, they’re actually helping him.

Tion Wayne Ft ArrDee, 3×3 E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni – Body (Remix)

“Have you seen the state of her body? (Mad) If I beat it, I ain’t wearin’ a Jonny (hah). Adeola wanna roll with a geezer (with a geez) Is it me or the lifestyle sweetheart?”

Last but certainly not least comes perhaps some of the cheekiest bars in UK rap history, and arguably one of the most quotable on the entire track, the lyric catapulted ArrDee to the front of the UK scene almost overnight, and the lad from Brighton certainly played his part in breaking records with this track.

Make sure you tap into ArrDee’s debut mixtape Pier Pressure for some new bars from the cheeky chappy himself!