Exclusives 27 March 2022
Author: Vince

GRM Exclusive: 11 Essential Mother’s Day Tracks

27 March 2022

Mums are the muses for some of the most heartfelt songs. So to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’ve selected some of our favourite tracks inspired by Mums so we can all pay homage.

Ray BLK – “Mama”

In this vibey, bouncy soulful track, Ray expresses absolute adoration for her Mother. Commenting on her Mother’s continuous support, encouragement and hard work that enabled her to achieve success, she gushes her appreciation throughout the track. In the uplifting hook, she attributes all her best qualities to her Mum. Shout out to all the supportive, inspirational Mothers out there!

Giggs – “You Raised Me”

This one is a throw back, but a goodie. Giggs shows his softer side in “You Raised Me”. Narrating his relationship with his Mother, he expresses his desire to help out more as well as thanking her for the raising him despite the difficulties. The rapper has come a long way since 2009, and we’re sure he continues to make Mumsy Proud.

Wretch 32 – “Mummy’s Boy”

Wretch proves you can be open, vulnerable and affectionate whilst still barring like an animal. The track “Mummy’s Boy” takes the almost mocking undertone out of the statement and transforms it into a picture of the beauty, strength and power that Wretch has drawn from being raised by his mother. This is a powerful one.

slowthai – “Ladies”

This one’s for your Mum, the baby mamas, the mother of your nieces and nephews….All the Mothers. “Ladies” by the ever off-key slowthai is a tribute to the childbearing sex. In the song, the rapper expresses gratitude to women for having babies, and raising men despite the fact they also drive him crazy.

Stormzy – “100 Bags”

Wanting to give our Mum everything is pretty standard, but imagine doing it. This whole track is as a dedication to Stormzy’s mother, something which he told Fader magazine he had always wanted to do. Throughout the song he speaks about how happy it makes him to be able to use his success to give his mother a good life….so sweet.

Loyle Carner – “ Sun of Jean” ft Mum and Dad

Loyle takes us deep with this one, taking us through his childhood, his achievements and his family relationships. The track ends with a beautiful and poignant moment where his Mum recites a poem in which she talks reflectively and lovingly about her time as his mother. If this doesn’t make you want to call your Mum then we just don’t know

Klashnekoff – “Rest of Our Lives”

Old but gold from Klashnekoff . In this autobiographical track the rapper narrates his mothers lifetime, talks about her strength and difficulties as his mother escapes abuse and navigates being a single mother. Single Mums we salute you!

Fredo – “Love you For That”

We wouldn’t say Fredo is particularly emotional, but in his heartfelt track he offers an apology, some explanations and appreciation to his mother. Highlighting her support pre-fame, its refreshing to have seen this side of the rapper, who is now a father himself.

Miraa May – “Baby”

Miraa May comes through with a soulful ode to motherhood. The video captures her and baby daddy, Harry Pinero at various stages throughout Miraa’s pregnancy. Happy Mother’s Day Miraa!

Mnelia – “Ro’s Lullaby”

Similar to the Miraa track above, Mnelia delivers the smoothest of vibes promising the world to her future child. Ramz also pops up in the video, celebrating the fast approaching fatherhood.

Skepta – “Sweet Mother”

Taken from Skepta’s 2007 album Greatest Hits, the track sees Skepta dedicating an entire tune celebrating his mum. Although the visuals look a little dated now, it reminds us all of simpler times!