Exclusives 8 February 2022
Author: Vince

GRM Exclusive: 5 UK R&B Artists You Need to Know

8 February 2022
UK RNB Uncovered

It’s an exciting time for R&B music. We won’t say it has made a resurgence because R&B never really goes anywhere. Rhythm and blues music is the pulse of many genres of music. From rap music to pop, R&B influences are hard to avoid. Whilst the space has been heavily dominated by the US over the years, the UK has been home to many incredible R’n’B artists, over the past few years the UK’s presence has grown globally. UK R&B Uncovered is a brand-new feature where we shine a light on some of the best and brightest in the ever-growing UK scene.

Reuben James 

Reuben James eased us straight into 2022 with his release of “BBQ Energy” featuring Adam Flowers and Keyon Harrold earlier in the month. He is serving up a unique brand of coolness with his smooth, silky and sultry sound. Every single element of each of his tracks is so immaculately thought through and musically sound. “BBQ Energy” is a perfect example of how his composition skills and artistry fuse together so effortlessly to create his timeless sound.

The Birmingham singer-songwriter is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the UK R’n’B scene and his sound continues to elevate with each release. Straight off the back of a very successful 2021, Reuben is set to continue to dominate this lane for the remainder of 2022. 

Shae Universe

Shae is no stranger to the UK scene, she’s been making waves for a while. Her tone is rich and full. There isn’t another voice like hers in the UK or otherwise. The songstress made massive strides in 2021 which stood her in good stead for 2022 to be her biggest year yet. Last year Shae really developed a RnDrill sound. Infusing her rich dreamy vocals over heavy drill beats creates a perfect collision of musical worlds.

The juxtaposition of light soft melodies sitting over the gritty production makes an incredible and new audio experience that listeners may not be expecting. Infusing Drill has definitely become a part of a signature sound for Shae, a lane we can only hope she continues to develop throughout 2022. But her versatility and authenticity are what’s prominent. She graces any beat of any of her chosen genres.


Tiana is already a well-known voice and presence in the scene. The singer has done amazing things in the UK R’n’B space. She well and truly flies the flag for British singer-songwriters. It was announced earlier this month that she will join Jasmine Sullivan on her US tour. An incredible achievement. Jasmine is highly respected in R’n’B as an outstanding talent.

She is considered one of the best vocalists in the genre, and TianaMajor9 won’t be out of place in this lineup. She continues to fly the flag for an authentic R’n’B sound with breathtaking world-class vocal ability. The notes she hits in her cover of “Silly Games” for the film Small Axe are the perfect display of her insane vocals. 


Yours or Mine is the latest project from the laid back alt R’n’B artist. Landel beautifully and eloquently depicts the push and pull of emotions in a relationship. Landel reflectively connected this series of songs to tell the stories. The intro track “Way Deeper Than That” sets the pace for the entire project very well. Journeying through the project, “Voice-Note” stands out as being a track that really showcases Landel’s vocally ability. The nature of the production of this song is very unforgiving. The track is an actual voice note recording, completely stripped back. His vocals are centre stage and Landel doesn’t shy away from delivering range, tone and control throughout.

“Pass Time” is a wavy ending to the project, the hook is super catchy with a very skippy pace. Set for a mega year his calendar of shows is quickly filling up. Birmingham City has a vibrant and unique live music culture. Landel is fully engrained into the scene and his live show is equally as enthralling as his recordings. Laidback storytelling is a running theme in his sets. He is able to present his creative ideas in an engaging way. Check out Yours or Mine here.

Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw’s album Untidy Soul is simply dreamy. His Poetic lyricism is backed by his stunning vocals and pristine production. He doesn’t take a single wrong step and the album is breathtaking, funky and up lifting. From dancing to being swept in emotion, Samm gives us a full spectrum of moods in this 16 track project.

Samm is set to continue on his trajectory of greatness throughout 2022. Kicking things off with live event dates around the UK this February. A great chance to experience the project live. His voice is full of soul. His tones and textures are reminiscent of some of the legends in this field. He has an incredible live band and his live shows are an awe-inducing experience. For fresh vibes fused with classic sounds, and incredible lyricism take a listen to Untidy Soul.