Exclusives 29 November 2021
Author: Ore Bolarin

GRM Exclusive: The Hardest V9 Popular Culture References

29 November 2021
V9 Popular Culture references grm

V9 is one of the UK drill scene’s most notable talents, from his strong online presence to his creative music videos, to his iconic Deadpool mask. To celebrate the release of his latest mixtape Murk With A Mouth, we’ve curated 11 of the Homerton rapper’s best anime, comic book, and other pop culture references.

“Two hands on a final flash, hear a big bang, just like Vegeta” – “Charged Up

Here V9 reference ones of the most iconic moves from the well-known anime Dragon Ball Z. The Final Flash is Vegeta’s Energy Wave and one of his most powerful attacks, used against the likes of Cell, Kid Buu and Zamasu.

“Teach him a lesson, Mrs Krabapple” – “9ZOO” ft V9, Kwengface & Trizzac

Mrs Krabapple is a character in The Simpsons and is regularly shown at Springfield Elementary teaching the likes of Bart, Millhouse and the rest of 4th grade.

“Two waps like Lara Croft, I’m tomb raiding if I hear you got gwop” – Mad About Bars

We get a video game bar here as V9 references the main character of the Tomb Raider franchise Lara Croft who is famous for carrying two pistols on either leg.

“Young boy’s done that mission/Held him high like Rafiki” – “Drip Drip” ft Unknown T

The famous scene at the beginning of The Lion King when Rafiki holds up a young Simba while “The Circle of Life” plays is referenced by V9 on this collaboration with fellow Homerton rapper Unknown T.

“I’m blacked out, doin’ up Gotham” – “Right or Wrong” ft KO

Despite sporting a Deadpool mask, V9 doesn’t shy away from shouting out other comic book characters. Here, V9 is talking about DC’s Dark Knight, likening his blacked out attire to that of The Batman’s by referencing the caped crusader’s home city.

“I’m on the back road doing Ninja Turtle, drench that n*gga, suttin’ like Squirtle” – “Zeus

V9 gives us two references back-to-back for this bar, the first alluding to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who’ve appeared in their own comics, various TV shows and movies. The second line refers to one of the three original starter Pokemon in Squirtle.

“I’m on the back of a bike like Lobo” – “Raise Hell

V9 refers to himself as Lobo, an alien mercenary and bounty hunter from DC Comics. Lobo is known for riding on a ‘space cycle’ named Spacehog.

“Bankai stance I’m approachin” – “Intro

Referencing one of the most popular anime shows of modern day in Bleach, V9 compares his stance to that of a Shinigami (a death god). Specifically, V9 references the final form of a Shinigami’s weapon, a Bankai.

“There’s no controlling me like Hulk” – “Hole In One” ft Billy Billions

The reference here is simple but gets to the point. Comparing himself to one of Marvel Comics’ strongest heroes V9’s message is clear.

“They keep it hidden in sands like Gaara” – “Where Im From” KO Feat Jimmy & V9

A list of pop culture references wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Naruto. V9 doesn’t disappoint on this feature, referencing one of the famous jinchurikis and the Kazekage himself in Gaara who hails from the Village Hidden in the Sand.

“Broke my knuckle in a scuffle, I thought it was Knuckles/Would’ve been peak if I had my silver, hop out the Shadow, run like Sonic” – “Sweeper

In these couple of lines V9’s wordplay shines through as he incorporates several characters from the Sonic franchise. Here he mentions Knuckles the Echidna, Silver The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog and lastly Sonic himself.

It’s clear that V9 knows his way around pop culture. With a slew of references from comic books, video games, cartoons and anime, he continues to add in bars here and there to flex his knowledge of the respective mediums. You can hear more of V9’s references on his latest project Murk With A Mouth out now.