Exclusives Interviews 11 November 2021

GRM Exclusive: Yung Filly Talks ‘Hoopers’, Debut Mixtape, ‘Does The Shoe Fit’ & more

11 November 2021
Yung Filly GRM interview

Since the days of Wall of Comedy and Awkward Questions, Yung Filly has excelled in the media scene and has been on the front-foot non-stop.

From the iconic “Yeah Man” to bagging goals at Soccer Aid, Filly has been able to flourish in the entertainment industry and has went from strength to strength, showcasing his craft in every way possible.

Crossing platforms from YouTube to BBC was a monumental highlight in the South London talent’s ever-growing career as he debuted his show Hot Property becoming the love guru for young adults. It was just another example of the versatility he brings to the big screen.  

Outside of the show, his skills also lie deep within music, and after recently releasing his new single “100 Bags Freestyle” much more can be eagerly-anticipated as he now looks to break doors in the music business.

We sat down with Yung Filly ahead of the launch of his new YouTube series Hoopers and found out the latest in his glittering career and what the future holds.   

Yung Filly! You’ve been filming ‘Hoopers’ as part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary season – Could you give us a bit more of an insight on the content you’ve been working on?

“Yeah, the NBA challenged me to create a basketball a team in 72 hours. I mixed a bunch of influencers, YouTubers, content creators and actual basketball players! That was essentially it. We had two good coaches come on board and had to take on another team of decent ballers to try and win the chance to go to Cleveland for the Celebrity All-Star game.” 

There’s been some big moves in the NBA this season, Kyle Lowry to Miami Heat, Russel Westbrook to L.A. Lakers – Who has the best chance this season? 

“I reckon Brooklyn Nets you know. If the team gels, they remind me of Manchester City! They’ve got the superstars but sometimes it doesn’t always work. I was having this conversation with Harry Pinero, and we think they can be the best if the team can work together.”

We’ve seen you previously score at Soccer Aid, how are your skills in Basketball? 

“You know what, I’m not the greatest! Even my knowledge, it’s very slim but what helps me a lot is NBA 2K! When I’m around Sharky and Harry Pinero – massive Basketball fans, that’s when I learn a lot. When it comes to the court, I’ll be honest I’m dead! I’ll be real with you, every now and again I hit a nice shot but I’m not just consistent with my shooting! Even earlier today, I hit a lovely 2, it was clean on the side but no 3’s! I’m not the best in the world.” 

We now have a new series of Does The Shoe Fit – How’s it been filming the new series? How is it to build chemistry on set? 

“I enjoyed, but couldn’t as much because we didn’t have Konan and Harry! Outside of YouTube and music, they are my actual friends. I’ve always said that content is 10 times better when you can share the success with your friends.” 

How is it to build chemistry on set? Does it make it easier when its already your people? 

“Yeah man, because you don’t know how much you can joke with someone. How far you can take it, it can be difficult. I’m always myself, but sometimes people may have insecurities. I could say to someone “Rah, your hairline is nuts!” but they could look at themselves in the mirror before they’ve left and felt a certain way so you have to be careful. It’s hard and can be limiting at sometimes, but I feel like I can be the real Filly when I’m around someone I have already shared chemistry with!” 

From YouTube to your own BBC show with Hot Property, to music! – How do you balance being so diverse with your roles? 

“At the moment I’m doing music and I’m about to drop a mixtape! It’s hard! Sometimes the opportunities are so good like with YouTube, so I’ll be like music can wait this week. All the time it’s something different. One week I’m in the studio, the next week I’m with Chunkz in Germany, then we come back and I’m out in Leeds, Cardiff. So as much as its time consuming, it’s mad exciting!”

You’ve released your new single “100 Bags Freestyle” – How have you been feeling with this single?

I’m gassed! Musically, believe it or not, I’ve lacked a bit of confidence. When me and Chunkz dropped “Clean Up” and “Hold”, no one will ever know the amount of work we put into those songs. I feel like I didn’t get the right amount of love and respect from those singles. Now that I’m putting out solo work, it makes me nervous! With “100 Bags Freestyle” I recorded myself at home and listened to it back.

“My friend listened to the start and was like “I don’t need to listen no more, upload that to IG!” I uploaded it and it went viral. I didn’t have the confidence to release it, had they not told me, music wouldn’t be dropping. That’s how bad my confidence was. I’m happy because now I can show the world my talent!”

We’ve seen crazy energy behind-the-scenes and in the visuals!  How was it to film and did you have any input into the direction of the video?

“I didn’t you know. We had a specialist director. My thing though, is I direct myself anyway. I know I’m a YouTuber first before an artist, so there’s no way I can be in a music video and start doing sexy poses! Everyone knows me for being a joker! I’m still going to be wavey and you can check the drip out, but you’re still going to see my YouTube self. I can’t forget who I am!”

We also saw numbers going up on a freestyle titled “Last Laugh Freestyle” – Are you releasing these for fun? Or is this the beginning of a possible project from yourself?

“I’ve done it in a cheeky way! When I originally dropped “100 Bags Freestyle”, I called it “Last Laugh”. Last Laugh Is actually the name of the mixtape!”

Aside from yourself, who are your current 3 go-to-artists to listen to?

“I really like Tems. She’s amazing, her new project is mental. K-Trap 100% At the moment because music always changes but I’ll say Geko. He’s played me a lot of unreleased music as he’s out of his label now. I can’t wait for him to drop some music.”

Finally, you’re on a deserted island and can only bring 3 albums with you. What albums are you bringing? 

“Nothing Was The Same, Nothing Was The Same, Nothing Was The Same! Honestly that’s my favourite album of all time. I miss that Drizzy I can’t lie! His new drop was good, but very hard to beat NWTS. Me personally, that album gives me different emotions. I like that music can set a mood. I like the way certain tunes make me feel.”

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