Exclusives 16 April 2022
Author: Aaron Adade

GRM Exclusive: 9 Essential Digga D Tunes

16 April 2022

Digga D is undeniably one of the best rappers in the country. When he came into the game, he made his presence felt like no other, and he hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since. With his eagerly anticipated new project Noughty By Nature out now. We thought we’d take a look through 9 essential Digga D tracks you simply can’t live without.

Digga D x Sav’O x T.Y “Next Up?”

This “Next Up?” sent shock waves around the country. So much so that authorities tried to shut down the track out of fear of the influence it could have outside. The graphic, violent picture Digga, Sav’O, and T.Y painted with their lyrics were chilling. This will undoubtedly go down as one of the most unforgettable UK freestyles ever.

(CGM) Sav’O x ZK x Digga D “No Porkies”

Once you play “No Porkies” you’ve got to slap it on repeat for a while and just zone out. The instrumental may be one of the best in UK Drill history, and the bars and flows on the track are quite simply exceptional.

Digga D x Sav’O “Who?”

With “Who?” Digga D & Sav’O made sure they came home after a brief stint in jail with a bang. The menacing feeling in “Who?” is complemented by the gruesome content & horror-like visuals. Digga points out that when he’s inside, the streets and rap game are quiet, but now that he’s back, chaos is about to ensue, and we believe every single word he says.

Digga D “No Diet”

“No Diet” has a bit of everything in it. It’s filled with some of the wittiest wordplay in Digga’s catalogue. The hook is essentially a breakdown of how to get things done in the drug game, and somehow Digga finds a way to make it sound entertaining. The adlibs bring an extra element to the track to make this one of the most infectious Digga D songs ever.

Digga D “Woi”

After being locked up for a while, Digga returned to the scene in style with “Woi”. With a clear US influence in the lit visuals and lyrics. Digga has a lot of fun showing love for his crew with all blue everywhere you turn. His energy is on 100, and “Woi” has some of his most quotable lines, such as “Pull up (pull up) let it beat (let it beat) yaga yeet (yeet). Jump out, try put him in a coffin, I pray cameras don’t see.” Lines like this plus the enjoyable vibe of the overall song led to it going viral on Tik Tok.

Digga D “Chingy”

Using one of the hottest rappers of the early 2000’s era Chingy. “Chingy” is an electric track that will have you feeling gassed up, and the dance Digga creates to go along with the song immediately swept the nation.

Digga D “Daily Duppy”

A Digga D & GRM Daily link-up was long overdue, and when it finally happened, Digga did not disappoint. Stepping up and blessing the mic from the jump, Digga lets off one of the coldest “Daily Duppy’s” ever with elite wordplay that puts you in a trance.

Digga D x AJ Tracey “Bringing It Back”

This was a massive collaboration and easily one of the greatest songs of 2021. Digga and AJ Tracey draw inspiration from their classic freestyles that made them blow up years ago. The way they take turns killing their verses is exceptional, and the flows are from another planet. “Bringing It Back” is a moment in UK rap history that will be remembered for a very long time.

Digga D x StillBrickin “Pump 101”

Digga has touched on the influence Hip Hop legend 50 Cent’s music had on him growing up. In one of his more recent bangers “Pump 101” Digga samples G-Unit’s classic “Stunt 101” record. He pays homage to 50 Cent using his flow for the hook and then puts his own fire spin on things. On this track, Digga shows that whether he’s on some Drill or Hip Hop stuff, he’s always going to kill it regardless.

You know Digga’s always going to serve you what you need. So make sure you take in his brand new Noughty By Nature project below!