Exclusives 15 April 2022
Author: Joe Simpson

GRM Exclusive: Digga D looks set to conquer the game with ‘Noughty By Nature’

15 April 2022
Digga D

Digga D has asserted himself as one of the hottest properties in UK Rap. The rise to the top hasn’t been one without controversy, and it has been well documented that Digga’s music has been obstructed by the British police. The West London rapper however has taken all of this in his stride, and has only grown in popularity since last year’s Made In The Pyrex project. This prominence in UK Rap culture has seen many pick the artist as the next to follow in the footsteps of Dave and Stormzy in achieving mainstream success. What’s clear about his new project, Noughty by Nature, is that Digga D has the utmost confidence he will achieve this success, but on his own terms. 

Throughout his discography, Digga D has proved himself to be a fiercely talented rapper. After the release of “Woi” in 2020, some were quick to label the artist as a ‘TikTok rapper’, but it would be difficult to find many who would stand behind this take today. The “Intro” track acts almost as an autobiography, as Digga tells us about how his childhood has led him up to this point, while “Alter Ego” sees Digga switch up his flow and glide across the beat with his second verse. 

There is a different style of lyricism with Digga D, as fans of his music will not listen expecting to hear triple-entendres and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes. What the rapper is able to do however is paint a graphic picture of his reality through his straight to the point imagery, which is kept engaging by his ferocious flows and ad-libs. What makes him different from a Stormzy or a Dave, is his apparent lack of interest in conforming to the industry. 

On the track “Statement”, Digga raps, ‘I’m as hard as Stormzy and Dave, what a statement to make, but I say what I say and I mean it, But you will not agree and say I’m too in these streets and the act that I got I should clean it.’ The rapper is unapologetically himself in his lyrics, and that is what will continue to resonate with, and grow his fan base.

With this “Statement”, it is apparent that Digga D is not planning on changing his style for anyone anytime soon, and why should he? The rapper has achieved multiple gold selling singles and continues to be one of the most culturally relevant rappers in the UK. It should come as no surprise then that while there are still some drill cuts on the record, a significant proportion of the production samples 50 Cent beats. 

There are multiple similarities between the two rappers in terms of their mentality to the industry and doing music on their own terms, so this theme on Noughty By Nature almost feels as if Digga is following the blueprint 50 has given him through his come up. Digga has managed to make these tracks sound fresh, especially the smash hit “Pump 101” with Still Brickin’. “Hold It Down” is a playful rework of “21 Questions”, while elsewhere “Stuck In The Mud” feels like a stand out track in terms of its instrumental, complementing Digga’s aggressive vocal performance and ad libs perfectly.

There also seems to be huge potential in terms of the rapper’s ability to cross over and achieve international recognition, as evidenced by the features on the project. In what is his third full-length project, Digga has managed to secure verses from Hotboii, B-Lovee, and Moneybagg Yo. Moneybags and Digga’s chemistry on “G Lock” make it one of the best songs on the project, but Digga has not forgotten his roots, linking up with Rack5, Dodgy, and Horrid1 on “Secret”. The final track of the tape sees an unlikely collaboration with Maverick Sabre, yet this is one of the best moments on the whole project. The song, “Let it Go”, gives us a glimpse into the potential of Digga as an all round artist.

At 21, the career of Digga D has only just started, but Noughty By Nature has proven that the rapper will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The rapper exudes confidence and is not interested in conforming to the pressures of the music industry, instead delivering everything on his own terms. 

That is not to say however that there is a lack of growth on this project, with Digga experimenting in different styles of production whilst still maintaining his wild lyrical style. Less than two years ago it felt as if we would lose all of this potential to a life dictated by the small print of the Metropolitan Police, yet now it feels like the sky really is the limit for Digga D.