Exclusives 10 November 2021
Author: Joe Hale

GRM Exclusive: 7 Hard Drill Tracks From Around The World

10 November 2021
Drill Worldwide

The influence of drill music is continuing to be seen around the world. The genre has become universal, we’re blessed to hear so many rappers add their own flair to the genre and expand the sound. 

We’ve rounded up again some of the hardest drill rappers across the globe, and who to keep an eye on next. From Sudan to Ireland, we’ve been spoiled with the quality of talent and Drill music.

Sudan: “Asly” – 249TooDope X Eaz Da Bully

First, we head to East Africa, where as stated in the video, 249TooDope and Eaz Da Bully produced the first Drill song to come out of Sudan. The beat, which is produced by a familiar name in Hargo, works well with the playful rhythms of both rappers.


Kenya has a huge Drill scene, which is continuing to grow. The burkuklyn Boyz are part of the reason it’s grown so much in the country. A distinct sound on the beats keeps everything fresh, along with the crisp visuals.

Poland: Alberto – “Dwutakt”

Alberto has put Poland on the Drill map. The artist is huge in his home country, with his standout track going triple platinum. You can see why, with the menacing flow and ice cold beat to accompany.

Rwanda: Ish Kevin – “No Cap”

East Africa continues to produce some of the best Drill music. In Rwanda, another healthy scene is brewing. Ish Kevin is at the forefront of the scene. His flows and cadence on the mic are undeniable, along with his overall persona

United Arab Emirates: Freek – “Khali Wali | فريك – خلي يولي”

Arabic trap is making waves in The UAE. Raised in the UAE to Somali parents, Freek is really at the top of his game. The artist is able to switch between rap and harmonies over drill beats.

Portugal – Real Guns – “WAG1”

Back in Europe, Real Guns is another Portuguese driller flying the flag for the scene. “WAG1” features an incredibly catchy hook, which is offset by Real Guns’ smooth flows.

Albania: Marin – “#Tmerr”

Albania is another country that’s taking Drill music seriously. The artist Marin is making the most noise, rapping in between English and Albanian. The beats are hard with menacing video to accompany.

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