Exclusives 1 February 2022
Author: Shan Selena

GRM Exclusive: D Power Diesle proves Why He’s Such A Grime Icon On ‘Graphene Vol.2’

1 February 2022
GRM Graphene review

D Power Diesle is an integral part of the Grime scene. Having been present on the circuit since the beginning, D Power has acted as a pioneer for the growth of the genre. From the early days of championing pirate radio station Deja Vu FM, to dishing out some of Grimes hardest and most memorable verses, the multi-faceted artist has grafted to firmly engrave his name onto the walls of Grime’s hall of fame. After a brief hiatus, in 2020, he returned better than ever, equipped with even more flows and his trademark punchlines. The resurgence of D Power Diesle is something we welcomed with opened arms, as he continues to cruise in his own lane, gifting us with unbreakable content, consistently.

His highly anticipated studio project Graphene, Vol.2, witnesses D Power Diesle demonstrate just how talented he is, flexing his skills over an eclectic track list, consisting of 10 solid tunes. Brimming with a fresh stack of witty punchlines and reload-worthy verses, the MC packs a punch with an all-star feature line-up and masterful production, featuring an array of fellow Grime artists.

If you’ve ever heard any D power related material, you will most likely be aware of his sincere passion for his craft- which bleeds through every piece of content he blesses his listeners with. The raw energy in his voice adds a certain legitimacy to his music; a certain legitimacy you’ll only find in the music of an artist who creates everything they do with love and passion.

The vocal feature line up on the tape is particularly special, as it sees D Power connect with a series of pioneering Grime MCs, which makes for an incredibly nostalgic body of work. It lifts the work to a whole new level, particularly due to the fact D Power forms a concrete chemistry with each artist. One particular collaboration from the project that stands out is “Spitters”, featuring verses from Jammer, Lil Narst and Pit. Courtesy of Lewi B, the cold beat provides the perfect canvas for the fiery quartet to let off their signature lyrical prowess. It seems like a track that was just meant to be. A throwback we didn’t know we needed. Each collaboration upon the EP holds its own as a noteworthy track, sculpting a new era of memorable riddims.

Grime runs freely through the veins of D Power Diesle and this is something he is sure to assert over the tapes duration. His swift flows bubble over an exhibit of 140 heavy-hitters, allowing him to unleash his loveable pen game and once again raise the roof with his iconic one liners. “Deja Vu’” featuring Roll Deep legend Manga Saint Hilaire, sees both artists pattern a signature Silencer production with a playful rally of flows- creating an infectious banger seeping old school Grime vibes from start to finish. The same can be said for the most part of the project, with tracks such as “Alone” and “Dead Now” destined for the wheel up.

Something that’s overly apparent throughout the whole structure of the album is the elevated quality of D Powers lyrical content. His adaptability as an artist is commendable to say the least. Whether it be a fun, bubbly beat laced with multis, or a slower joint encompassing a poignant message, the MC has every area covered. Heavytrackerz-produced tune “The March” is a showcase of this ability to demonstrate versatility. Joining arms with Frisco, Shorty and Lay Z, the artists get to work putting pen to paper for a seriously heavy offering. The lyrical content explores each artist’s background with sincere lyrics and assertive bars. D Power handles his lyrical content with grace, consistently penning stellar content that ensures you’ll be going back for back-to-back replays, so not to miss a single bar. 

The production across the whole project is stylish and nothing short of iconic. It sees a selection of producers, old and new get to work behind the buttons to dish up a beat or two to compliment the high-energy tones of D Power Diesle. Without a doubt, each instrumental has been selected with the upmost thought and intention of fashioning the best track list to date. Each production adds layers to his work, with each beat offering him the opportunity to him to experiment with his sound and gift us the very best musical content possible. One thing that’s for certain is that Diesle has stayed true to his roots and culminated an outstanding selection of tracks to show off his definitive talent as an artist.

Graphene, Vol. 2 has been a long time coming, but has certainly been worth the wait. The Grime icon has excelled himself with an unforgettable performance across ten memorable tracks, each a hit in its own right. Not one track feels like it’s there to fill a void, each production rightfully earns its place on the tape as part of one of the best D Power Diesle projects to date. From a man that continues to champion Grime and fly a flag on its behalf.

Take in the full tape below.