Exclusives 15 October 2021
Author: Kafui Mensah

GRM Exclusive: 11 Essential Loski Tunes

15 October 2021
Loski essentials

Ever since his emergence in the scene you cant talk UK drill without talking Loski. The Kennington MC has continued to grow in popularity bringing his cruddy lyricism, cheeky punchlines and a variety of flows to the scene in recent years. Loski’s discography has stood the test of time in a scene under constant reconstruction, leaving his stamp as one of the greatest to ever do it.

Loski’s style of music can be described as melodic while retaining the crud he raps on in his bars, alongside consistent top tier production. The MC continues to set the standard not only in his music, but on our scenes culture as a whole by influencing a whole new wave of talent. With his new EP Censored finally upon us, GRM Daily is here to supply a list of 11 essential tracks you need to hear!

“Forrest Gump”


Released in early April “Forrest Gump” set the scene on fire, seeing Loski taking the tropical iO x TSB produced beat to new levels alongside a smooth flow with rough bars. 

“Forrest Gump” was another opportunity for the Harlem rapper to display his vocal capabilities, which worked to increase the repay-ability of the 2018 anthem opening the South London rapper to a whole new audience. With too many quotables to count, the tune was an instant classic that still gets reloaded at parties today.

 “On Me”

In the wake of MizOrMac’s release from prison earlier this year “On Me” saw the two Spartans finally re-unite seeing the two go back to back to display their cruddy unique flows over the HARGO Production. 

With the cold visuals produced by Stefano Moses, we see the two surrounded by the trusted circle to remember the fallen. The track acts as a celebration of the trails and tribulations the two have had to face in their past, while still managing to come out on top.


Taking it back to 016 days “Hazards” saw Loski on his come-up in the scene using his pen game to create arguably one of the best solo drill tracks of all time. 

Alongside the cruddy drill production the spartan does what he’s best at, delving into his wide variety of flows showing the fire of a young Loski in his element.

 “Dj Khaled”

When thinking of classic Loski tracks, “DJ Khaled” always pops up on our radar. It’s the production behind  Loski’s tracks that have helped him define his unique sound, and enhance how the Harlem rappers lyrics would hit. With Loski and Miz going back to back on “Dj Khaled” the duo waste no time dropping some cruddy lyrics with flow to match.

“No Cap”

“No Cap” sees the legendary Collab of DigDat & Loski going back to back to provide the 2019 scene with a tune that would make a mandatory addition to any drill playlist. 

The track sees the duo delve into their punchline bag, with numerous hard hitting bars.

“Teddy Bruckshot”

“Teddy Bruckshot” was another addition to loski’s legendary 2017 run marking his significance among many in the scene in high fashion. Bruckshot sees the harlemO rapper using his iconic repeat flow in his bars making for a track that pulls no punches. Visuals never fail to disappoint on Loski tracks with “Teddy Bruckshot” taking it to new levels bringing the “Loski bop” to the UK from Chicago.

 “Money & Beef”

“Money & Beef” sees Loski on another stellar solo track rapping nothing but crud while maintaining a catchy melodic flow on the chorus. 

The 2017 track sees the HarlemO rapper in the streets, taking his visuals to new levels with red effects matching the crud he raps.

“Cool Kid”

“Cool Kid” acts as another example of Loski’s multifaceted talent in the game, this time showing off his range of flows on a single track proving why he should be regarded as one of the goats in the scene. With visuals set on the block where it all started, the rapper shows he’s always gonna be a man of the people.


“Cheque” sees Asco and Loski go back to back on a cruddy iO produced instrumental, making for one of the coldest summer link ups of 2018. The track comes complete with a set of cold visuals, where we see the artists in high fashion flexing their cheques. 

“Olympic Chinging”

2017’s “Olympic Chinging” saw the trio of Loski, Russ Millions & Taze join forces on a track that showcased some of the coldest the drill scene had to offer. Loski opens the track with pure crud showing the extent of his lyrical ability compared to others in the scene. Each artist hits on of their unique cadences on the tune showing the variety of talent the scene has to offer. 


One of Loski’s more recently releases sees him jump on a cold Ghosty production as he makes light work of it with his usual flair. “P.U.G” also sees Ski team up with renowned video director Kaylum Dennis for a cold set of visuals, making this tune the complete package.

Be sure to stream his latest EP Censored, below right now on GRM Daily. If you missed our features on other prominent members of the Harlem Spartans, check out our Blanco interview right here, and our MizorMac feature here.