Exclusives 27 February 2022
Author: Ore Bolarin

GRM Exclusive: 9 Cold Pokémon Rap References

27 February 2022
Pokemon GRM

With an incredible legacy spanning multiple years with several shows, video games and the augmented reality mobile game Pokémon Go released in 2016. With all these mediums, rappers have creatively been using different Pokémon references in their music. To celebrate Pokémon Day, we’ve curated a list of 9 of the very best ones.

“I was only 13 when I sold a draw/Now I got more green than Bulbasaur” – Nines “CR

Nines references the fact that he used to trap in his childhood, attributing the green of the draw to one of the original starter Pokémon Bulbasaur. Easily one of the most iconic Pokémon bars ever, surely?

“I do that trap shit like I’m Tash/I’m tryna catch them boy like I’m Ash” – Blanco X Bis “I Don’t Mind

In this bar, the late Bis incorporates the iconic Pokémon phrase ‘gotta catch them all’ of Ash Ketchum – the main protagonist of the Pokémon anime and games – into his lyrics, likening how Ash catches Pokémon to how he catches opps.

“This one coming like Pokémon Go, cos I seen man once never seen him again” – Dave “Screwface Capital”

On this track from his 2019 album Psychodrama, Dave has a light jab at the 2016 augmented reality game Pokémon Go. Here Dave is saying how certain man are seen once then disappear, similar to how Pokémon Go was insanely popular for a couple months in 2016 and then the popularity died down almost as quickly.

“Everythin’ I do, I do it right, oh/I be charizard, got that fire, oh”Yungen X Sneakbo ft Haile “Do It Right

On this track Yungen and Sneakbo draft in Haile from WSTRN to provide the hook. Comparing himself to one of the final evolution of one of the original starter Pokémon in Charizard – who has power over fire – Haile is saying when he comes through, he brings the flames.

“I’m on the back road doing Ninja Turtle, drench that n*gga, suttin’ like Squirtle” V9 “Zeus”

We all know that V9 loves pop culture reference, we picked out the best of em right here. In this lyric V references one of the original three starting Pokémon from the original Red/Blue versions of the game.

“Fully on vault, with the bolts like Raichu” – AJ Tracey “Migos

AJ Tracey on this track off of his deluxe self-titled album attributes himself to that of Pikachu’s evolved form, Raichu. As Raichu has the ability to control electricity, the wordplay with ‘bolts’ becomes clear.

“Bar for bar, man’s over calm/Show your cards, I’m Charizard, you’re not (Fire)” – Chip ft Jme and Dizzee Rascal – “Ignite

Chip refers to the fact that Pokémon features the concept of trading cards with the ‘show your cards’ line before mentioning the fire Pokémon Charizard, alluding to how these other rappers aren’t like him as they don’t bring the heat.

“Man’s gonna see them framed on the wall when I get my yard/Smile on my face just like Gengar” JME – “The Very Best”

This bar on a track literally made to be a tribute to Pokémon, sees Jme compare his famous grin which serves as the cover as his 2015 album Integrity>, to that of the shadow Pokémon Gengar.

“Yeah I’m the boss and yeah I’m the Mewtwo” – AJ Tracey “Spirit Bomb

After saying he’s the boss, AJ Tracey likens himself to Mewtwo, the genetically engineered Pokémon who is the strongest out of the original 151 Pokémon from the first games, Red and Blue released in 1996.