Exclusives 25 May 2021
Author: Seth P

GRM Exclusive: 7 Essential GeeYou Tunes

25 May 2021
7 essential GeeYou Tunes

There has been a deluge of the loosely defined wave music over the last two or three years, with almost every artist trying their hand at the sound that has quickly become an inescapable dominant force. One of the leaders in the field has undoubtedly been GeeYou. The North-West Londoner recently dropped his debut tape Pain & Profit, to celebrate its release, we’ve rounded up seven GeeYou essential tracks for your listening pleasure. Take in the list below, and let us know if what your favourites are on the socials! 

“Slide Thru”

The tune that put GeeYou on the map. “Slide Thru” was an introduction into GeeYou’s brand of trap wave music. The tune soared into the heavens, and saw the viewcount exceed the five million mark effortlessly. 

“Push Weight Feat Young Adz”

The trap wave sub genre that has exploded in popularity on our shores, is undeniably due to the huge success that D Block Europe have found with their prolific output over the last few years. This tune saw GeeYou collab with Young Adz, one of the masters of the auto-tuned drawl that has become ubiquitous of late. Bravely, GeeYou decides to take on chorus duties himself rather than rely on Adz;  the gamble pays off, as the hook is an ear worm you cant get away from. 

“Bando Aspen Feat Yxng Bane”

GeeYou once again calling in a heavyweight collaboration with smooth crooner Yxng Bane coming through and laying down a serious supporting verse. GeeYou’s ability to pen a catchy hook is once again present on “Bando Aspen”, as GeeYou darts in and out of the pockets of the instrumental effortlessly. 


GeeYou is on familiar territory on this one, complete with the lavish Suave directed visuals. GeeYou goes in with braggadocios lyrics about his ostentatious lifestyle, while surrounded by supercars and draped in designer clothing. He’s played it safe, but it’s still hard nonetheless. The streams tell the same story, its actually one of top five most played tracks. 


Another set of clean visuals for GeeYou, which sees him swap North West London for the sunshine state. While out in Cali we see GeeYou once again rolling around in a range of luxury cars, and giving us another banger to spin in our own much less luxury whips. 


Dropped in the year of the lockdown, that is 2020, GeeYou came through with the vibes on “Gelonade”. The tried and tested formula is used to great effect on this one, as Suave is once again behind the lens for this would be summer banger. 

“What You Need”

Fresh off the debut tape, this track sees GeeYou in fine form once again, providing us with another incredibly catchy hook that we’ll sure to be singing at the top of our lungs after June the 21st when we hear it in the rave! 

Be sure to stream the latest tape Pain & Profit below right now!